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The tradition of tobacco in the United States and the uniqueness of Toscano cigars at the Italian embassy in Washington DC.

The tradition of tobacco culture in the United States and the uniqueness of Toscano cigars: these were the themes of the event “Italian Cigar”, in collaboration with the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) and Manifatture Sigaro Toscano, which held on May 04th, 2023 at the setting of the Italian Embassy in Washington DC.

Present were Mr. Lamberto Moruzzi (Head of the Office for Economic, Trade and Scientific Affairs at Embassy of Italy Washington DC), Mr. Stefano Mariotti (CEO of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano), Mr. Greg Seamster (Senior Vice President, Universal Leaf Tobacco Company) and Mr. Scott Pearce (Executive Director, Premium Cigar Association), a bipartisan congressional delegation from the United States Congress, high level staffers of the congressional delegation and invited guests.

This was a unique opportunity to participate to an open debate between the different speakers, moderated by Mr. Michael Cappellini (Toscano cigars United States Brand Ambassador).

Mr. Seamster masterfully presented the long tradition that binds tobacco growing to the American people and economy, with an in-depth study of Kentucky tobacco fire-curing, a special feature of Toscano cigars, handed down over the years from father to son.

Mr. Mariotti took the unique opportunity to provide education to those in attendance on Italian industry, with major focus on cigar production and the craftsmanship and passion necessary to produce Toscano cigars.  The 208-year legacy of Toscano cigars was a major talking point of the discussion as Mr. Mariotti explained how Toscano cigars have become a protagonist of Italian history, industry and an important asset of the Bel Paese’s economy.

After giving an overview of the cigar industry in the United States, Mr. Scott Pearce spoke of the importance of premium cigars from a global perspective. He stressed that, although technically belonging to the tobacco industry, this sphere has its own unique aspects that deserve to be considered.

“I would like to thank the Italian Embassy for hosting us, the Premium Cigar Association for having worked with us to put together this important event and Universal Leaf Tobacco Company for contributing their valuable insights,” said Stefano Mariotti, CEO of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano. “In the United States, cigars are a passion that need to be protected and we are proud that, year after year, Toscano cigars are becoming more established in this country, as a representative of the Italian lifestyle and good life,” concluded Mariotti.

After an Italian inspired refreshment, guests had the opportunity to enjoy a sensory experience via a pairing session of Toscano cigars and different spirits.

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