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Custom Humidor Creation & Fitouts

Custom cigar humidors are an essential accessory for cigar enthusiasts who want to store and preserve their cigars in optimal conditions. A humidor is a climate-controlled box designed to maintain the right level of humidity, ensuring that the cigars remain fresh and flavorful. A custom cigar humidor service can provide a personalized solution that meets the specific needs of the individual. From choosing the size, material, and design, to adding a personal touch such as a custom logo or monogram, the options are endless. With a custom cigar humidor, cigar aficionados can have a unique and functional piece that not only keeps their cigars in top condition but also adds a touch of style to their collection.

Perfect for all locations

  • Home
  • Office
  • Cigar Store
  • Using an existing cupboard to transform it into a humidor
  • Wine fridge humidor transformation.