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VegaFina Nicaraguan

The original VegaFina was released to the U.S. market in 1998 by Tabacalera S.A., a Spanish-owned tobacco giant, but the cigar was discontinued when the company merged with SEITA to become Altadis S.A., the parent company of Altadis U.S.A. The product returned to U.S. shores in 2007. In recent years the brand has seen a package redesign, limited editions and offshoots, including the fuller-bodied line extension VegaFina Fortaleza 2, released in 2012.

This all-Nicaraguan VegaFina features a Habana 2000 wrapper from the Jalapa region, a binder also from Jalapa and filler tobacco from EstelĂ­ and Jalapa. The cigars are manufactured at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic.