Smoke A Cigar – A Gentleman’s Quick & Easy Guide – Paper back



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With the exciting renaissance of cigar smoking, every novice cigar smoker needs this game-changing guide. It will bring you quickly up to speed to help you become an instant cigar connoisseur who reaps maximum enjoyment from cigar smoking.

This book begins with a brief history of cigars and then goes on to explain the parts of a cigar, the construction of a quality cigar and the differences among various types of cigars. From there, the book delves into the cigar connoisseur’s most closely guarded secrets, including:

* How to properly select a cigar so you’ll never be disappointed again
* How to correctly cut, light, and burn cigars to optimize flavor and taste
* How to store and age cigars to prevent deterioration and enhance flavor
* How to impress everyone with your classy cigar etiquette
* How to end your search for the Holy Grail and acquire Cuban cigars legally
* How to ensure that your cigar gift for a new smoker is a hit
* How to distinguish a fake Cuban cigar from the real thing
* How to treat infested cigars and salvage your investment
* How to increase your cigar smoking pleasure and telegraph your sophistication by choosing the best cigar accessories, including ashtrays, cutters, lighters and humidors
…and much, much more.

The cigar aficionado knows that sophistication resides in the details, as does the enhancement of smoking pleasure. Written for the beginner cigar smoker, this incisive book cuts to the chase, providing all the information you really need to impress your friends and colleagues and extract every last ounce of pleasure from your cigar smoking experience.

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